NightKey® provides venue owners with the tools to operate a safer venue by quickly identifying problem patrons, stamping out antisocial behaviour and keeping underage patrons out.

NightKey® was designed to comply with Federal Privacy Laws.

  • ID scanning access system
  • Automatic recording of ID
  • Fast entry
  • Data stored & managed off-site
  • Industry best practices
  • NightKey® is patented technology
  • Gain a better understanding of your venue
  • Offer patrons an option to enrol in your mailing list
  • Weekend statistics
  • Management responses
  • Banned entry attempts
  • New customers
  • Regular customers
  • Members
  • VIP
  • Problem patrons
  • Prevent incidents of violence
  • Solve incidents of violence
  • Ban problem patrons
  • Protect you and your venue
  • Compliant with Federal privacy laws
A Four Part Process

Part 1: Terminals

NightKey® terminals are portable, robust, and easy to use self-contained units used in the entry process at a venue.

Step one: Once an ID has been checked by an authorised member of staff, it is placed on the ID scanner of the terminal for processing. The scan uses optical character recognition (OCR) to read the details on the patron's ID automatically and the content is stored in the venue's database.

Step two: The right index finger of the patron is placed on the biometric reader which collects a scan of the patrons fingerprint and then converts it into a numerical number called a FingerPIN®. The fingerprint is automatically deleted once this FingerPIN® has been created. The FingerPIN® is unique to the patron and linked to the ID that has just been scanned.

Step three: A live shot of the patron is taken using a full colour camera which is also part of the terminal. This photo is stored and linked to the ID completing the enrolment process. This photo is perfect when a search is required because it shows exactly how the person looked at entry.

Step four: All the details collected during enrolment are automatically sent to a co-location server using a high speed secure link. This ensures that the copy of the patron ID scanned is not stored on the terminals or at the venue.

Part 2: Manager Software

A password protected software program called NightKey® Manager is available to the owner/manager of the venue, and used to manage the access of patrons. With every log into the software an event code is created and stored off site along with all the patron details to ensure at all times there is a record of who is looking at the system. A powerful tool used to see all patrons that are on the system as it happens.

A venue manager can quickly identify patrons by name or live shot taken at time of entry. The manager can see the time each patron entered, and if they're new or a regular. As a result an endless series of actions can be added to a particular patron, such as rewarding a good regular patron or banning a problem one from gaining further access to the venue.

It is simple for venue owners and managers to convey to door staff the exact instructions or action you want in reference to a particular person. The future access of a particular patron is now determined by the owner/manager of the venue and not staff. They simply have to follow instructions indicated to them via the terminal when a patron places his finger on the biometric reader. When someone receives the green screen at the terminal they are allowed to enter. Should a red screen appear, entry is to be denied, making individuals accountable for their previous actions at the venue.

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A Four Part Process (Continued...)

Part 3: Data Storage and Management

The NightKey® services include not only the supply of the terminals required, but also the secure storage of the data collected from the terminals. In addition NightKey® Manager software is also included to access the data at the venue by way of a secure high speed internet connection. An important part of the service involves the weekly report to the venue. The report covers such topics as the demographic breakup of the patrons by age, gender, and suburb. This report gives the owner/manager the ability to understand and analyse their business in great detail.

Part 4: The Effects

NightKey® has proven to be a cost effective and powerful tool in discouraging and limiting anti-social behaviour. It does this by making patrons accountable for their actions. No longer are patrons able to escape the consequences of their conduct. Where NightKey® is used as part of a good management structure, and with good CCTV surveillance, patrons learn quickly what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. NightKe®y highlights the fact that the venue is serious about supplying a safe and secure environment for its patrons. NightKey® acts as an attraction for honest and responsible patrons out for a good time and a deterrent to irresponsible problem patrons. Experience at venues already using NightKey® is that it has a positive effect on business improving the success and long term viability of a venue.

Your Privacy

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