Common Questions

How can I enrol in NightKey®?

Enrolment in NightKey® can only be done at the door of a Venue operating NightKey®.

Do you retain my fingerprint?

Your fingerprint is NEVER retained. NightKey® reads your finger in real time to extract your FingerPIN® only. Your FingerPIN® is a unique 300 byte number that identifies you to NightKey®, it cannot be reversed engineered into a fingerprint.

Does NightKey® distribute my personal information?

NightKey® does NOT distribute any of your details to third parties that have nothing to do with your direct entry to a NightKey® venue. Only limited data is provided to the venue, unless you have opted to be included in their mailing list.

Can I remove myself from the NightKey® database?

Yes, however once removed you must re-enrol to enter the Venue. If you have been banned from the venue you registered, or if you have been identified as a person using false ID, your details will not be removed until your ban is over. Banning is normally lifted after 1 - 12 months, but may last indefinitely based on the venue's discretion. You may remove yourself by using the Manage My Details page.

Is my information shared with other Venues that use NightKey®?

NO. We do not share information between Venues. For example, if you enrol on the NightKey® system at Venue A and then subsequently visit Venue B, you will be required to re-register on the NightKey® system at Venue B as we will not reveal any information collected at Venue A to Venue B. The same rule applies in relation to information collected on banned individuals.

What is my FingerPIN®? 

It's like having a PIN number that you don’t have to remember! When you opt to use the "fast access" feature on the NightKey terminal as your primary method of identification, the terminal will scan your fingerprint and instantly formulate a unique 300 digit binary number (eg. 011010110001…) to represent your fingerprint (this number is calculated based on distances between various ridge and meridian points on your fingerprint). The resulting number is called a FingerPIN®. The NightKey® terminal only stores the scanned image of your fingerprint momentarily (a few seconds at most) whilst the FingerPIN® is being formulated. As soon as the FingerPIN® is calculated, the NightKey terminal automatically and permanently deletes your fingerprint image. The terminal does not keep an image of your fingerprint and it is not possible to reverse engineer your fingerprint from your FingerPIN®.

What's the Deal with the Database? Where is my personal Information being stored?

For your own protection and of others, we can’t say where your information is being stored. In the same fashion a bank or Government office will not be able to disclose the location of peoples personal and confidential information. However, as we are in strict compliance with privacy laws, rest assured your information is in a secure Data Centre off location from where it was given (i.e. at the venue). NightKey uses the same Data Centre security platform as any bank or government office, keeping your personal information safe and secure is our first priority.

I have a criminal record, does NightKey® integrate with Police files and will it show up when I register my FingerPIN®?

NO. NightKey® is NOT a law enforcement agency and has no desire to be one. Even if we were, It would not be possible as we do not store peoples fingerprints. All we have is your unique FingerPIN®. You unique FingerPIN® is only identifiable through the NightKey® terminal at the venue you enrolled at to grant you fast entry. Rest assured your personal information is safe and secure from any person, agency or government office. In order for law enforcement to obtain your personal information they must file a written request with NightKey® and follow strict criteria in accordance with law. Your right to Privacy is always protected with NightKey®.