Registering your information with NightKey® is simple, safe, and secure. We ensure your saftey and your privacy. After registering at a venue, all you need to gain entry is your FingerPIN®!
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step 1
Present your valid photo ID to the friendly NightKey® attendant.
step 2
Place your right index finger on the biometric reader. Your finger print scan is converted into a numerical number called a FingerPIN®.
Note: finger prints are NEVER stored.
step 3
Smile! A photo is taken and linked to your unique ID to complete the enrolment process.
step 4
Have fun! Your information is safe and stored securely off location.

Welcome to NightKey®
NightKey® is a state of the art, patent protected, Identity Management System. It is the first publicly available large scale biometric access control and ID verification system designed for the hospitality industry. Built from the ground up by people that have had many years of experience in various and all aspects of the hospitality industry. It has been developed to give venues the best tool possible for managing patrons at a license venue.

The NightKey Technology is protected by patents granted in numerous countries around the world.
NightKey in Action